January 4, 2012

Running with hope and faith

By Michael Johnson, Editor

There’s something in every runner that drives them to work their bodies to its limits. Some run for the rush of finishing as a front runner. Some run for their health. Some do it to say they could. A seasoned runner in the area has decided that this year he’s not running for himself. He’s running for those in need. He realized this past year as he struggled through his own health concerns that there are millions of others that struggle everyday because of their sickness. He was involved in running several races across the country last year with a major sponsor. As a runner, being able to fill his schedule with races in exotic locations was a great opportunity for him. But the results were doing little for anyone but himself. In December, Jeff Turning Heart Jr. did something different. He was part of the  Jingle Bell Run in Fargo, which raised money for the Arthritis Foundation. The run opened his eyes to the condition. He learned about kids that have arthritis and have to suffer through it as well as those who deal with the pains later in life.

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