April 3, 2013

Sales and Use committee approves funding requests

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Washburn One Cent Sales Tax Committee approved two requests for funding last Thursday totaling $130,000. Those requests included a $50,000 request from Painted Woods Golf Course to help them complete a nine-hole expansion and $80,000 to the Washburn Area Economic Development Association (WAEDA) to provide operating funds for 2013 and 2014. As outlined in a presentation and hand out from Painted Woods Rec Area president Trevor Leidy, the request for funding was to be used to start construction of 11 new holes and updates to two other holes on an additional 150 acres the golf course acquired in 2007 on the Painted Woods Recreational Area. The outline told of the need for funds. The funds would be used for both the community development and economic development. “The funds will be used for the improvement of a public recreation facility that is an asset to the Washburn community development,” Leidy said. “It will generate more sales tax.” The course was recently awarded a $170,000 50/50 grant. The funding from the one cent sales helps to show the community support for the project.

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