February 24, 2011

Scheresky joins Washburn School Board

By Adam Thomas, Staff writer

The time had finally come for someone to fill the lonely chair in the board room vacated by Jay Meier last month. A notice was put into the paper looking for people potentially interested in a spot on the school board and it received four responses. Of those, three people were able to make it to the meeting for the vote: Joan Zimmerman, Sheldon Feist, and Stacey Scheresky. Each person was given the chance to say a little something about themselves and their interest in being on the school board. Superintendent Brad Rinas explained that since the school didn’t have an official policy on how to handle board appointments, he had written in to the North Dakota School Boards Association for advice on procedure. The response he got said that they recommended a voting process taken by a signed ballot, then the business manager would read each vote aloud and majority would rule.

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