March 31, 2011

School bill could raise taxes in district

By Michael Johnson, Editor

House Bill 1047 is a bill to amend and re-enact sections of North Dakota Century Code that could cut state funding to school districts. For now, schools like Washburn have been able to lower the mill levy significantly to save tax payers money in the district. If House Bill 1047 goes through it could mean some big changes in Washburn School’s budget as well as about 20 other schools in the state, according to Washburn superintendent Brad Rinas. He asked school board members to let lawmakers know what the passing of the bill would mean to Washburn. Because of some federal stimulus and because the school lost fewer students than was expected the school was able to drop that levy again this past year. That may be reversed if the bill is passed. The bill has passed 86-8 in the House and is now before the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee.

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