February 22, 2017

School looks to improve math scores

Last year’s Washburn third graders averaged about 3 points below the NWEA average for math testing, but that gap has widened this year, causing some concern.
“In math for grade four, 207 is the RIT (Rasch Unit) norm and the Washburn mean RIT is 201,” elementary principal Jerad Voglewede said at the Feb. 14 Washburn School Board meeting.
Voglewede said this year’s fourth graders are six points behind in the math section of the Northwest Evaluation Association tests they took in December. This same group of students was three points below average last year in the same section.
Voglewede said he and the fourth-grade teacher, Derrick Seiler, were working on finding a way to improve those scores.
“(Mr. Seiler) and I have had several discussions on ways to help give those kids the skills moving forward,” Voglewede said. He said they were working on a list of the skills the students needed extra help in.

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