August 22, 2012

School’s back in session

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Careful planning, months of cleaning and hours of training prepared the staff of the Washburn School for the 2012-2013 school year. On Monday morning, when school officially started, youth began walking into the school a bit sleepy after a great summer vacation. Youth had to relearn where their cubbies were, where they’d be seated and make sure that those new sneakers fit for the upcoming physical education period. Kasie Spencer, a second grader, was one of the youth that sought out help from her new teacher Mrs. Maureen Anderson. Anderson is used to the first day routine after over 30 years of returning to school. She was glad to help. Shoe conundrums aside, the planning that took place seemed to help things along as the day progressed. In the elementary assembly that morning, elementary principal Trevor Sinclair asked the youth if they had seen the anti-bullying signs up around the school. Many raised their hands to show they had seen them.

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