July 2, 2013

Shaping the course of the future

By Michael Johnson, Editor

“Your course is gorgeous,” an out-of-town golfer said while checking out after a few holes at the Painted Woods Golf Course last week. It was an observation many make of the course. Yet few realize that things are only going to get better as 11 more holes are currently under construction by one of the top course shapers in the nation. The back nine addition on the Painted Woods Golf is right on schedule, according to project leader and golf course president Trevor Leidy. “The rain has been a bit of an issue, but we’ve had a lot of good help,” Leidy said. He stood over the progress a couple weeks ago at hole three, where you can look over nearly every other hole on the course. The high point actually had a large amount of soil removed from it in order to create a smooth sloping fairway. It’s one of the most unique holes in the state, according to Leidy. Today, eight new holes have been shaped and irrigation is done on four holes. Leidy was waiting for power to get to the pump house so they can see how their irrigation system will work. Once irrigation is in place they can begin seeding. The hope is to be done with seeding by mid August. Leidy was hoping for some drier conditions to install the irrigation. Work is moving along in good and bad weather mostly because the course shaper, Randy Workman, “The Dirt Artist”, can work with his scraper in most any weather.

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