July 13, 2016

Sheriff’s office recognized


The McLean County Sheriff’s office is receiving some extra praise after one officer was recognized in an online post recently.

"People’s negative interactions with police men and women are generally the only ones that attract attention, and I would like to make sure that the really incredible interactions are represented as well," part of a Facebook post by Kaelee Heidt states.

Heidt posted the status at 1 a.m. on July 2, along with a photo of the wrecked vehicle she had been driving in when she hit a deer near Washburn that night.

"I was on my way to my cabin on the highway today, going about 75 miles per hour when I hit a deer," Heidt said in the post, adding that she had never been in a severe accident before and that her nerves were shaken.

Heidt called 911 from the remote scene of the crash, and though the Sheriff’s Department wasn’t required to go to the accident, one deputy felt the need to do just that.

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