January 29, 2014

SOLD: Real estate market called ‘phenomenal’

By Jill Denning Gackle
BHG News

Area real estate sales agents are warming up to the idea that winter, the slower season of selling, will soon be behind them. Both real estate broker, Mike Nelson, and sales agent, Mary Ellen Parker, are optimistic that 2014 will be another strong year for home and land sales.

Nelson, who’s been selling homes here for 37 years, described 2012 and 2013 as blockbusters. "These were the best real estate years I’ve seen in the past 37 years – It’s just phenomenal."

"There’s a short supply right now, but that’s not atypical for January," Nelson said. "2013 was robust with not enough homes to go around."

Parker, of Keller Williams Realty, agreed: "There are a lot of people looking for houses in the Washburn area. I expect the market to pick up quite a bit. We’re looking for another good year this year."

Nelson said more new construction in Washburn would boost the market. Parker would like to see more houses in the mid-range prices.

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