October 30, 2014

Special Assessment Committee

By Cheryl McCormack

Dennis Van Hoorn was recently appointed to the Special Assessment Committee, filling the position vacated by Luke Retterath.

He joins current members Mark Lelm and Sue Winter. Along with Van Hoorn, Sharon Chrest also applied for the position.

Mayor Duane Bauer said, "Thank you both for volunteering. It’s not an easy job. I think either one of you would be fine (on the committee)."

Commissioner Keith Jacobson noted both candidates previously voiced their concern with specials in the coulee area.

Van Hoorn said, "I’m most concerned for the large lot owners in Washburn. There’s been no representation for them on the three-member committee."

Chrest said, "I feel there’s only a handful of us paying a good share. After I talked to all of those other towns and heard the way they did it...I just think maybe there’s another way."

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