December 13, 2017

Special election board members appointed

A special election board was formed during Monday’s Washburn City Commission meeting, with four local individuals appointed to their temporary roles.
“We have for individuals who have volunteered to serve on the election board,” City Auditor Joan Zimmerman said Monday.
Zimmerman said Elizabeth Patterson, Elaine Carr, Merle Torkelson and Mark Lelm had expressed interest in helping to run the city commission president election, which is set for Jan. 9.
“They need to be appointed to the election committee board and there needs to be an agreement on a salary to pay them,” Zimmerman said.
Commissioner Keith Jacobson moved to approve the four individuals as election board members, with Kit Baumann seconding. The motion passed unanimously.
Jacobson asked if the suggested $12 per hour rate was typical of election board members and Deputy Auditor Sharon Hendrikson said it is what McLean County officials had recommended in a previous special election. Commissioner Noelle Kroll moved to pay the election board members $12 per hour, and Reese Boehm seconded. The motion passed with four of the five commissioners voting yes and Baumann voting no.
The Washburn City Office explained Tuesday that the election board members are responsible for keeping the polls open at the Washburn Memorial Building from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  on Jan. 9. The individuals will supervise the election and confirm that the proper process is followed, then count and secure ballots after polls close.

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