July 2, 2009

Speech group speaks about IMC experience

By Matt Hopper

It’s not officially summertime until kids start knocking on your door hoping to raise money for this, that or the other thing. Girl scouts selling cookies with that heartbreaking, you-can’t-say-no-to-this-face look, all the while scheming their way towards a new pink bike with shiny tassels. Kids putting up lemonade stands so they no longer have to depend on their parents’ measly allowance wages. However, one rarely hears about a group of kids raising money to learn life-long skills that will truly better themselves as individuals. That’s exactly what Vickie Mayers’ speech group did over the course of this summer. By raising their own funds through community car washes and Schwan’s sales, the group was able to raise enough money to attend the 2009 International Music Camp at the International Peace Gardens on the U.S.-Canadian border. Washburn students James Cavo, Masson Price, Scarlett Tweeten, McKenzie Miller and Alexis Kelsch scrounged up the funds and reached their goal. The $315 registration fee for the camp was no problem for them. "We had only $22 left to pay," said Washburn High School freshman Scarlett Tweeten. This was the first year that IMC held special sessions specifically for speech and the first time area students attended the event. Speech instructors Vickie Mayer, from Washburn High School, and Pat Pins, from Mandan High School, coached the students involved. When the word got through to the students they jumped at the chance to travel and learn. Not knowing what to fully expect they dove into raising funds for their trip.

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