November 9, 2016

Stanton station to be demolished

The Great River Energy Stanton Power Plant will be closing next spring and demolished soon after, an official confirmed at a meeting last week.  
“We will continue generating there until at least Feb. 28, during which we will use up any remaining coal and commodities,” said John Weeda, GRE’s North Dakota Generation Director.
Weeda said after the plant stops operating, it will be cleaned out and officials will then hypothetically “lock the doors and close the gate” on May 1.
Weeda said that the plant would be repurposed in any way possible, but largely demolished.
“We have had a request out to people who may have an interest in repurposing equipment or keeping the site,” Weeda said.
Weeda said one research team had shown interest in continuing some work in a portion of the plan, but that no plans had been made and the plant’s future looked fairly grim.

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