November 30, 2016

Stolen vehicles located in county

An influx of stolen vehicles has hit the county recently, with authorities reporting four instances within the period of three days.
Five vehicles stolen out of Minot were located last month in four separate instances, all in or surrounding Benedict, on the northern edge of McLean County.
Though the majority of the stolen vehicles were returned unharmed, one business owner received only the frame, engine and cab of a 2011 Ford F150 that was found in a rural field south of Benedict. The vehicle, which belonged to a Minot business, had its box, hood, fenders, seats and electronics removed, leaving only pieces of the dash inside.
A neighbor had seen headlights in the area on the night of Nov. 15, and suspected the landowner was out hunting. When an abandoned vehicle was seen there the next day, the property owner was contacted. Authorities responding to a call on the vehicle discovered it was stolen and towed to an impound lot in Garrison.
While doing surveillance in the area the next day, Detective Justin Krohmer discovered an unoccupied red truck stuck in the mud on a section line. Authorities in Ward County had earlier notified Krohmer of a stolen red Ford F350 out of Minot, saying the vehicle cases may be related.
Krohmer inspected the vehicle, which matched the description of the stolen truck, and contacted dispatch. Dispatchers confirmed that the truck was stolen from a Minot business and it was towed to the impound lot.

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