April 20, 2016

Street closures approved


While plans for the 2016 Riverboat Days continue, the committee was given a green light to close off Main Avenue in Washburn for the event.

The Washburn City Commission approved a request from the Riverboat Days Committee at their April 12 meeting to close off part of downtown Washburn for activities during the June event.

Brent Barnick of the Riverboat Days Committee approached the panel with plans for this year’s Riverboat Days, explaining several items on the agenda for the event.

"There’s a boat parade, human hamster balls and a possible dunk tank," Barnick said.

Barnick said that the dunk tank was tentative since insurance would be needed to cover it in case of injury.

"Current people that have the insurance for it came back with a quote that it could be like $8,000," Barnick said. "Mike Nelson was $2,500 to 3,500, and Cottingham (Insurance) out of Underwood was $350," Barnick said.

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