May 19, 2011

Street damage in need of repair

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The city commissioners heard numerous concerns from residents for street repair and have continued to see the issues that a wet spring have caused to the streets. Mike Herdt visited with commissioners about damage done on a lot on Demores Ave. When the ground was soft, a city employee drove off the pavement and sunk into the ground. That then caused damage to the pavement. Herdt wanted to know what the City was going to do about it. Commissioners said many of the spots could not be fixed yet because the soil is still soup-like from all the moisture. “We need to understand that when we do stuff, if you’re not going to take care of it down the road why do it,” Herdt said. He wanted to see some work done or at least some reassurance that it was going to be fixed. Commissioners assured him that it would be fixed once they could do work on the soil.

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