May 28, 2015

Street project buydown

By Cheryl McCormack

What does the City of Washburn plan to spend their $559,000 worth of Surge funds on?

To help buydown the 2015 Street Project, Commissioner Larry Thomas recently proposed to the Washburn City Commission using a portion of the Surge funds – $250,000 – to pay for the project's storm sewer. The board voted, "Aye," unanimously.

Thomas also proposed requesting funds from One Cent Sales Tax, which has a current balance of $528,000. Commissioners gave the "OK" to request the following:

* $80,000 from One Cent Sales' Street Fund to assist in building Main Avenue "beefier," as it is a truck route.

* $100,000 from One Cent Sales' Street Fund and $50,000 from One Cent Sales' Economic Development Fund to use as a $150,00 general buydown on the 2015 Street Project.

* $40,000 from One Cent Sales' Infrastructure Fund for sidewalk repairs and replacement.

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