November 7, 2012

Street smarts

By Michael Johnson, Editor

City commissioners met with Washburn residents Monday night with the goal to hear ideas and concerns of how the city can go about fixing streets in Washburn. One-by-one, residents were asked to come to the podium to state their ideas to move forward with the estimated $4 million dollar project. All commissioners plus design engineer Jasper Klein were in attendance to hear the ideas. Ideas ranged from breaking up costs, to changing the way the group looks at those who truly benefit from improvements. Some even mentioned less or more expensive ways to fix the streets. The streets and costs in question include: 4th Ave.- $2.37 million, 8th St.- $370,000, Border Lane and Northgate Road (truck route)- $427,000, Northgate Road- $399,000, Roughrider Road- $205,000, Seal Coat- $263,000. Klein explained how he went around town viewing the areas in need (virtually all areas). While the $4 million was substantial, it did not cover all areas. And no estimate was formed for fixing all areas in need. One resounding comment from numerous residents was that taxpayers have the right to see what the project is going to cost them before the project is started so that they can protest it, or approve of it. “If I’m going to get billed, I’m going to get a letter that states how much and it won’t change,” Washburn resident Ray Hager said.

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