August 31, 2016

Students explore new features

Washburn students took  in some big changes when they came back to school last week, with everything from the gym to the playground getting a facelift.
After investing about $130,000 in projects, Washburn Public School is reaping the benefits of some added aesthetics, functionality and safety in and around the building.
“The gymnasium was huge for us, between the bleachers and the floor,” Washburn Public School Superintendent Brad Rinas said of the major renovations in the gymnasium.
Over the summer, new plastic bleachers with electronic controls were installed in the main gym, replacing some manual-crank wooden bleachers.
“They are much safer, provide more seating and are easier on our custodians,” Rinas said of the bright red bleachers, which he said were more comfortable than the old ones, and came equipped with railings for additional safety.
The gym floor also got a facelift, being refinished and repainted with the Cardinals’ mascot emblazoned in the center of the surface.

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