February 5, 2014

Tackle no longer secret

By Roger Bailey
Contributing writer

While Daniel and Peter Olson have become somewhat famous in their home community, their fledgling fishing tackle business is going viral around the world.

Take their YouTube episode 155 titled "What to take with you."

Peter Olson says an emergency kit out on the lake should include some aspirin, rope, extra spark plugs, a knife, an extra prop and some tools. "One of everything your dad could break on the water."

Peter Olson, 12, the soprano, is the funny man of the duo.

His brother, Daniel, 14, the baritone, plays the straight man.

The Olson boys broke into the news about three years ago when they introduced their line of "Missouri Secrets" fishing tackle.

Their use of YouTube, a connection with today’s technology, is the primary method used to spread the word on their various products. But more. They’ve posted 61 video fishing tips created by the pair on YouTube.

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