December 30, 2013

Teacher sends in resignation to Wilton School Board

By Katie Jones

The Wilton School Board met for a special meeting last Friday to discuss Heather Mardian’s resignation.

Mardian is a third grade teacher at Wilton and accepted a teaching job in South Dakota. However, all professional staff under contract with the district are expected to fulfill the entire term of the contract lasting 12 months.

When a staff member requests a release from their contract the school board has a policy that states three options for the requester; unconditional release of contract; deny temporarily or table the request until the administration can find an adequate replacement; or deny the request.

The board decided to go with "option two," and will request liquidation damages in the amount of $9,300. The damages are determined by prorating Mardian’s salary in accordance to the contracted 182 teaching days she agreed to work for the district. The damages have a flat rate of $2,000, plus $100 for each day missed until the end of the contract.

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