September 12, 2012

Ten High Park North lots sell in Wilton

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Two groups purchased multiple lots at the last regular commission meeting last week leaving just one lot left to buy in High Park North addition in Wilton. The commission had three offers to review including one from a developer looking to buy seven lots, a developer with connections to Friendship Homes of Minnesota to buy five lots and one offer from a local resident, Lisa Hedstrom, who wanted to buy one lot. Marcie and Jim Felt were there looking to buy five lots for $2,000 apiece. Darren Schmidt was there representing Oak Tree Realtors. He offered $5,000 a lot for seven lots. Two of those lots were ones that the Felts were trying to buy. Hedstrom’s offer was for a lot that the Felts also bid on. She also bid $2,000. The Felts said that they would start with two homes and have them on site this fall and add the next three next year. Schmidt said they would plan to start building as soon as possible, but with no plan available for building completion. Because Schmidt had a higher bid, the commission chose to go with his bid. Commissioner Lee Ann Domonoske-Kellar said it was their duty as commissioners to go with the high bid.

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