June 23, 2016

Thomas: Disappointed with city auditor


President of the Commission Larry Thomas said at last week’s city commission meeting that he will be recommending to not appoint Washburn City Auditor Joan Zimmerman.

"Me not being satisfied with your job performance - sorry, Joan - I’m going to recommend not reappointing you as auditor at the June reorganizational meeting," Thomas said at the June 13 city commission meeting.

When asked for an explanation by Zimmerman, Thomas said first that there has been misuse of entrusted property, though he did not give an explanation during the meeting or after.

Thomas also stated the budget meetings for the city in the fall of 2015 had been "a mess." He said in a statement after the meeting that he would prefer to see someone with more experience in the area fill the position.

"Someone with more knowledge of accounting," Thomas said. "We’re dealing with millions of dollars."

Thomas said he also felt it was inappropriate that Zimmerman had taken out another insurance policy recently, though Zimmerman clarified that she only had one.

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