January 10, 2018

Thomas reclaims spot on commission

City Commission President Larry Thomas is expected to return to his current spot, as early results from Tuesday’s recall election showed him with a 25-point lead over his competitor.
A preliminary count of this week’s Washburn City Commission President election placed Thomas with 190 votes, and opponent Derek Laning with 165, indicating the citizen-driven recall effort was unsuccessful. The special election committee, which reported unofficial results at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, did not have an exact count of how many absentee ballots were still out or if that could be a factor in final results. The committee also reported there were eight ballots that were not counted because the oval was not filled in as required.
“It will be up to voting officials to look at those ballots and see if they will accept them or not,” The committee said in a statement Tuesday night. “It is clear who they voted for, but they didn’t fill in the dot. They made an X.”

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