September 10, 2014

To the rescue

By Cheryl McCormack

After struggling with wet, stormy weather and six to seven inches of rain in just two weeks’ time, Farm Rescue volunteers were more than ready to take to the fields last Friday.

A Washburn farmer became number 292 on the organization’s list of farm families assisted, since the kick off of the program in 2006.

John Renner recently underwent back surgery, spending Independence Day in the hospital, recovering from surgery the day before.

His doctor restricted him to 90 days of lifting no more than 15 pounds, along with no twisting or operating heavy machinery.

Renner laughed and said, "I can’t even drive my ATV."

Having 265 acres of wheat planted in the ground, with the inability to harvest it, the semi-retired farmer sent off an application to Farm Rescue, asking for help.

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