November 1, 2017

Touring the treadmills

What started as a personal gym has quickly grown into something much bigger, KT-fitness owner Katie Kulzer said.
Washburn’s new local fitness center, located a couple miles south of town, is something that stemmed from personal need, Kulzer said. Kulzer said she was building a new studio space for her photography business when she realized she had some extra wiggle room in the building.
“I had more room then I needed so I decided to make space for workout equipment,” Kulzer said.
Kulzer said she started with a treadmill and elliptical, plus some workout DVDs and other necessities. Along the way, Kulzer said she started an online fitness group for North Dakotans and she found herself with a new passion.
“We would all check in daily, motivate each other with our good and bad days. Doing this is when I fell in love with helping others,” Kulzer said.
Kulzer said she realized then that her personal gym could be much more.

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