November 16, 2016

Track owners press forward

Owners of a go-kart track in Washburn were directed toward the Planning and Zoning board after requesting clarification from the city commission Monday.
“What we’re looking for is clarification to begin with,” said Bill Matthews, who co-owns Hooter & Scooter and the go-kart track with Darrell Scheresky.
Matthews said he felt the Planning and Zoning ordinance that deals with conditional use permits needed to be looked at since there were differing opinions on its interpretation.
“Even the city’s attorney, which is ours also … thinks it’s wrong,” Matthews said, referring to a June meeting when the go-kart track was deemed a non-permitted use in that area.
“That is not the official opinion that he gave to the city,” City auditor Joan Zimmerman said. At the commission’s request, City attorney David Lindell had weighed in on the situation in June, stating in a letter that the go-kart track was not included in the list of approved uses for the highway commercial property.
Matthews said that Lindell had told him otherwise in person.

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