July 25, 2012

Track work makes first hurdle

By Michael Johnson

With work expected to begin in early June, there was some worry about if and when the new track project would get under way at the Washburn School when in early July no progress had been made. But the starting gun has since fired and the demolition crews removed the old track remains in no time.  "It seems to be going as planned," Superintendent Brad Rinas said of the project. Just a few sprinkler heads and electric wires have to be moved with the new install. With the ground ready for a new track surface it should take little time to put a new surface in place. Much of the time may be in shaping and landscaping the ground that surrounds the track. Landing pads are expected to be poured this week. "Things are happening pretty quickly," Rinas said. The school district covered $225,000 of the $325,000 total cost of the project in last school year’s budget.

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