July 7, 2011

Transmission line still finds opposition

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A 260-mile, 345 kV transmission line to be installed from Center to Grand Forks is still running into land owners along the proposed corridor that want nothing to do with the utility. But more have accepted it then not. The $312 million line is planned to be installed to continue to provide energy to eastern North Dakota and north-western Minnesota from the Milton R. Young 2 station. The North Dakota Public Service Commission visited Washburn on June 24 to allow Minnkota Power Cooperative to voice their purpose for installing the utility and the impacts, if any, of the line on the route. Landowners, about two dozen in attendance, were then able to voice their concern of the proposed 1,000 foot corridor. Many of those in attendance were from Wilton, which has a portion of the line. Others came from other spots along the 1,000-foot wide corridor that were unable to attend the other two meetings that took place in Northwood and Carrington. The third and final formal hearing allowed lawyers from Minnkota and from the Public Service Commission to question witnesses that spoke to the commission.

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