April 1, 2010

Twin townhouse still on schedule for June 1 finish

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Those looking for a new place to call home in Washburn may want to look into the new twin townhouses going up across from St. Edwin’s Church. Light gray siding is up on the first of the two twin homes and the others are not far behind. The homes at Northgate Place are co-owned by David Borlaug and Rick Berg of Big Bend Development, LLP and according to Borlaug, "Things are looking great." The first set of twin homes is set to be finished June 1 with all the bells and whistles before the other twin homes are complete so potential buyers can get an idea of what the home is like. But the way things are sounding, the homes should be sold in short order. "A number of people have been showing interest," Borlaug said. And the sooner someone can make a decision the sooner they can have input on the customization of the homes, Borlaug said. Some of the interesting features of the homes include energy efficiency and a sun room that has become extremely popular in new buildings in Bismarck.

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