November 12, 2014

Two in favor, two opposed

By Cheryl McCormack

Members of the Wilton School Board were split on their decision to approve a bid from Wilton Builders to install a drainage system on the north side of the school, to move water away from the building and onto the street.

A deciding vote couldn’t be cast as Lodee Arnold, board president, was absent from the Nov. 6 meeting.

The $10,000 proposal includes the cost of digging a 12-14 inch wide trench from the school out to the street.

Board member Misty Schafer said the bid seems a little high to her. She was wondering if there was a way to receive additional quotes to lower the cost of the project.

Board member Bill Harris, Jr. said, "It’s expensive to run those (concrete-cutting) saws."

Because contractors can be difficult to hire, board member Denise Leapaldt-Johnson said waiting for additional quotes could risk the loss of Wilton Builders as their contractor. Then what?

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