February 3, 2016

Under the flashing lights


It’s a few minutes before 6 p.m. and McLean County Deputy Sheriff Corporal Justin Krohmer looks at the clock and says, "Time to go."

His 12-hour overnight shift starts in a few minutes. So he finishes the last of the energy drink in his hand and heads outside to the patrol car that will be his home base for the night.

"Things will be pretty slow for a while until about midnight, then we usually see some DUI’s," Krohmer said.

Krohmer started up radio, booted up various computer programs on the mounted laptop next to him, and tested out his radar and taser before heading for U.S. Highway 83 out of Washburn and setting his sights north. He parks the car at an approach between Washburn and Underwood, and thumbs the controls to his radar, switching back and forth between vehicles traveling north and south before spotting a southbound truck going at 81 miles per hour in a 70.

The red and blues fly as he pulls his cruiser up behind the truck, getting out and talking to the driver briefly before returning to his seat in the patrol car with the license and registration.

"The driver is late for the Jason Aldean concert in Bismarck," Krohmer said.

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