May 16, 2018

Upgrades planned for Memorial Building

Washburn’s Memorial Building will be looking and sounding a little bit better in the near future, with improvements to the stairs and lighting and a new sound system set for installation.
The Washburn City Commission approved a few requests from the Washburn American Legion during a meeting Monday, with commissioners consenting to a funding agreement for a new sound system.
The city agreed to pay two thirds of the cost of an estimated $30,000 sound system, with the Legion agreeing to make quarterly payments of $3,500 to pay back the city. Darrell Hight of the American Legion said the sound system would improve the experience of everyone who uses the building.
“During the (Masonic Banquet), it was really tough to hear in there,” Hight said.
Commissioner Reese Boehm, who holds the buildings and grounds portfolio, said he felt investing in the building could mean seeing it used for more -- and larger -- events, like church services and weddings.

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