August 13, 2014

Variance woes

By Cheryl McCormack

Yet another garage in the community of Wilton is under scrutiny for allegedly failing to comply with the city’s building ordinance.

Resident Claudia Volk reported her neighbors, Ron and Jackie Hochhalter, to city commissioners for erecting a garage (several years ago) that is supposedly out of compliance.

The Hochhalters live at 412 Whitman Ave., with only an alley separating the two neighbors’ backyards.

Volk alleges the garage is too far into the alley, not sided to match the house and too large for the property.

She said after purchasing her lot at 415 Bookwalter Ave., it sat vacant for some time while she drew up plans for her "dream house."

While vacant, "mysterious tracks" began to appear on her lot.

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