June 23, 2011

Very successful weekend for Lewis & Clark Riverboat Days

By Erica Kingston, BHG Intern

Washburn has slowed down considerably compared to the crowds of this weekend’s events. Lewis and Clark Riverboat Days yielded a good turnout with three days of activities, concerts and sunshine. “The weather cooperated better than I thought it was going to,” said Washburn Civic Club vice president Tammy Stein-Dockter. “I think it went really well.” Bree DeNaeyer and the Haywaddies performed on Friday night at Captain’s Cabin to a crowd that packed the outside tent and again on Saturday at the street dance. Saturday’s evening was cut short due to rain but still attracted around 700 people. According to Ed Barnhardt, civic club member, this year’s street dance attendance was lower than the previous year’s. Saturday was full of activities, one being the parade that hosted about 60 entries.

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