September 23, 2010

WAEDA receives funds for new director

By Michael Johnson, Editor

There are some assumptions that development has been tried in Washburn and it didn’t work. But there is a group of people here who have a lot at stake in the community and doing nothing isn’t an option. Starting out as WEDO, Washburn Economic Development Organization, the group worked with a couple different directors that made some positive steps towards the development of Washburn. But continuity has always been an issue. The group went through a change of hands about 10 years ago and became WAEDA, Washburn Area Economic Development Association. Over the past several months the WAEDA director, Milissa Price, stepped down from her position. Price was originally hired on as economic director but once the city auditor position became open she was also moved into the auditor position. The time needed to devote to the city left very little time to perform the duties that were expected of the economic director. With increased activity at the city, Price decided it was in her best interest to devote her time to her job as auditor for the city of Washburn. Price has continued to help the board and will do so until the end of the year or until a new director is found. Today the seven-member board feels there is still a great need for an economic development director that could devote time to the development of Washburn. This summer they did some brainstorming and sought out the guidance of Bill Patrie of Common Enterprise Development Corporation (CEDC) of Mandan, the same corporation that contracts the Underwood Community and economic developer, Becky Bowen.

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