July 26, 2017

Warning issued over Wilton sign

Officials are debating what to do with Wilton’s electronic billboard, which is reportedly in violation with a law put in place just a year after the sign was erected.
The Welcome to Wilton sign, seated just off of U.S. Highway 83, was expected to be partially covered recently after the North Dakota Department of Transportation warned the city of a violation. A letter sent to the City office states that the sign violates part of North Dakota Century Code regarding billboard advertisements.
Mayor LeAnn Domonoske-Keller explained that because the sign was on city property, state and federal laws dictate it can only advertise for official City of Wilton events. The sign must follow DOT guidelines, as a 2013 law designated any signs within sight of North Dakota highways to be DOT jurisdiction.
A notice sent to the city gives the sign owners, the Wilton Legion, 30 days to become compliant with DOT laws and apply for a permit, which is required for all signs advertising off-site organizations. If a permit is not obtained, the letter states the sign will be removed by the DOT.

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