January 21, 2015

Washburn approves 2015 school calendar

By Cheryl McCormack

During a recent survey conducted by the Washburn Public School District, 110 parents, students and staff members "stepped up to the plate" and voiced their opinions on four proposed 2015 school calendars.

During Monday night's meeting, the calendar favored by 40 percent of surveyed members was approved by members of the Washburn School Board. Referred to as "Draft D," the calendar has an Aug. 26 start date, with the school year ending on May 25, 2016.

One change was made to the calendar before it was adopted. Easter Monday will be a guaranteed holiday, rather than a storm day.

The following are three anonymous comments made by community members during the completion of the survey.

"I like the idea of starting early and ending before memorial weekend. There are so many schools that have graduation that weekend and it is tough to go to them all. I do not have kids that are graduating soon, but I will have them graduating and have nieces and nephews graduating at the same time. The decision is tough to make."

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