March 11, 2015

Washburn city restricts loads on vulnerable roadways

By Cheryl McCormack

Spring load restrictions are now in place in and around the city of Washburn.

Signs are posted along city streets, reminding motorists to limit their wear and tear on vulnerable roadways.

Washburn City Commissioner Larry Thomas made the announcement at the board's Monday night meeting and said, "Restrictions will remain in effect until we decide not to."

Mayor Duane Bauer noted that problems arose last spring with overloaded cement and waste trucks, which spurred a discussion on the city's contract with Waste Management.

Thomas said he's recently been in contact with a representative from the garbage company; the commissioner even wrote up a list of items to propose to Waste Management: switching to a rear-load truck, driving closer to the center line and only making one pass on each street, rather than two.

"I'd like to bring up the possibility of half-loaded trucks," Thomas said, "which they aren't going to like. They have to work with us on this."

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