August 12, 2015

Washburn contemplates deannexation request

By Cheryl McCormack

Washburn City Commissioners received numerous citizen requests and complaints at Monday night’s meeting – deannexation from the city and a home with alleged unhealthy living conditions made the list.

Patty Schulz and Michael Leingang appeared before the board to petition for exclusion from the City of Washburn Schulz’s 33-acre property north of town, which was annexed in 1975. "It’s agricultural land," Leingang said, "we don’t plan on developing it. There have been no municipal improvements. There’s nothing you can do in the city to raise that agricultural land and, for that, we are asking deannexation."

Commissioner Keith Jacobson said, "You brought up some very good points. My concern is we open ourselves up to others."

Commissioner Larry Thomas said, "I’m not saying I’m totally opposed to this," and suggested adding the item to next month’s agenda when there is a full commission.

Leingang thanked the board for their consideration and said, "I will argue this until the day I go to the grave."

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