August 3, 2016

Washburn debates test exemption

Washburn teachers and school board members discussed pros and cons to several test- exemption policy options at a recent meeting.
“We would just like to see some sort of test-exemption policy,” Math teacher Wendy Miller said at the July 19 Washburn School Board meeting.
Miller, who spoke at the meeting, along with two other teachers from the school, said that increasing attendance was the primary goal for creating a policy.
“In talking to other schools, Hazen just put a policy in last year and their missed attendance dropped in half,” Washburn Vo Ag instructor Mike Kamrath said. Kamrath said any policy based on attendance would be specific to each period, so missing only one particular class would lead to taking that class’s semester test.
The teachers agreed that anything school-related wouldn’t count against the students, so sports, clubs or other related absences would be excused.
The group also discussed a grade-based policy, though this raised some concerns.

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