January 11, 2012

Washburn house building boom

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Having too much business isn’t something anyone around here is going to complain about. Washburn’s Wagon Wheel Lumber, which works with Dakota Custom Homes, is set to double the capacity of homes on site with the expansion of their US Hwy 83 frontage. The expansion is due to a rise in demand from the oil field and surrounding housing shortage. The property in front of the Captain’s Cabin will have capacity for another 10 homes, in addition to the 10 spaces available now. Wagon Wheel Lumber manager Newly Voigt said they plan to start to pour slabs in the spring for this expansion. Work has already begun on expansion within Wagon Wheel Lumber, including four office spaces to allow the staff to grow from 15 to 18 in the spring. Homes began being built at the location in 2007. At that time the homes were expected to be sold mostly in the immediate area. It was a business decision to subsidize the business in the slower time of the year. The plan was to keep a couple model homes in place for showing. While they didn’t want to take work away from area contractors, they hoped to help fill a need for a few new homes locally.

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