March 13, 2013

Washburn Lions serving at home and afar

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Youth will enjoy the shade of their work; tourists and locals alike will take in the history they’ve helped preserve; the world will see a little more clearly because of their outreach. They are the Washburn Lions and their work over the last 84 years locally and internationally has shown they are here for one purpose, “We serve.” You may see the yellow vest-wearing Lions Club members from time to time, but did you know what they’ve been up to? This year alone club members have put most of the finishing touches on the Sioux Ferry in Riverside Park in Washburn. The major project sought to restore the ferry to its original glory as it once parted the waters and crossed the great Missouri River. It now rests on the bank of the Missouri with new railing installed all around for viewing pleasure. New lighting and flag give the piece of history more grandeur than before. The group also took a day to plant many trees in areas flooded in 2011 around the Western 4-H Camp near Washburn. Their annual work involved picking up litter along the highways in and around Washburn. They seek to keep the Grandest Little City on the Missouri looking good. Current outgoing president of the group Doug Reiser said that the club has about 32 members active in the club. They meet monthly with special guest speakers to plan events and projects for the community.

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