August 17, 2016

Washburn native publishes book

In an effort to help people appreciate what they have, a Washburn native has written a children’s book called “Don’t be sad, Sad Sally.”
Published in June, Sally Dufner’s book is based around a young girl who is unsatisfied with many things in her life, but in the end, learns to appreciate them. Dufner, originally of Washburn, said she felt inspired to write it after reflecting on how lucky she is.
“I hope it makes people appreciate the little things,” Dufner said of the book, which she said “kids of all ages” could learn from.
Dufner said she was inspired by “The Giving Tree,” a book she read growing up. She said that the thoughtfulness and selflessness shown in that book stayed with her and that she hoped her book could do the same.
Dufner, who currently lives in Otsego, Minn., said she has always had a love of reading but never wrote until now. The book was self published, with the process starting in November and the release being in June of this year. But before it was printed, the words Dufner had written needed art to match.

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