January 16, 2013

Washburn reviews lock-down procedure

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Cases of intruders entering schools in the nation has some area schools taking another look at how they secure their facility. Students and staff went through a lock-down drill to learn more about the procedure on Friday in Washburn. At about 10 a.m. last Friday, superintendent Brad Rinas got on the intercom and announced that they would be going through a lock-down procedure. All students and staff were to enter a classroom where they could lock the door behind them. As students and staff began locking doors, Rinas went online and sent out a mass e-mail as well as an instant alert message to all on the list. If you had several points of contact on the list, you may have received numerous messages. Rinas then left the office to check doors throughout the elementary. Each door was locked, as it should be.

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