December 10, 2014

Washburn School Board approves PLC

By Cheryl McCormack

Superintendent Brad Rinas' performance evaluation was approved "overall satisfactory" by the Washburn School Board at Monday night's meeting.

Board member Ranie Price read aloud some of the comments made by the board when filling out the evaluation. "Brad (Rinas) is never too busy to address my concerns," followed by, "He keeps the board informed in areas of the budget," were just two of the many praises given.

It was also noted that Rinas is "very organized with all aspects of the school." Price thanked Rinas for all he does for the district, to which he replied, "Thank you. I appreciate working here."

Members of the board then moved on to discuss four drafts of the 2015-16 school calendar. Several concerns were brought to the board's attention, including an earlier-than-average Easter. Because the holiday falls in March, it is back-to-back with the typical mid-March spring break.

Board member Courtney Seiler said she is concerned that the solid nine weeks following Easter will be "tough" on students and teachers alike, and requested that spring break be moved to April.

Board member Sandi Erber said she is in favor of breaking up that long stretch, as well. Rinas said others might feel like a long, extended break might be a good thing, if the spring and Easter breaks were combined.

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