May 20, 2010

Washburn School board approves purchase of activity bus

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

In their final meeting of the school year, the Washburn school board had a lot to say about buses. The board’s transportation committee met right before the meeting to inspect a couple of activity buses from companies that had put in a bid. Brent Petersen reported for the committee and suggested they accept the bid from Trucks of Bismarck who had bid approximately $55,000 as a base price for the activity bus. The bus holds 14 people all together, 13 passengers and one driver. It also has a gas engine and a receiver hitch should the need arise to pull the school’s activity trailer. Although, it was pointed out that because of its smaller size compared to a normal bus, its efficiency in pulling the trailer might be a bit lacking to be practical. Petersen explained some of the features that they had decided to go with, including: the addition of a rear AC unit, activity seats, and a wheelchair ramp. Board member Arik Spencer mentioned that he considered the wheelchair ramp to be a good investment, "We don’t need it now, but should we need it in the future it’s good that we have planned ahead for it."

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