November 29, 2017

Washburn sign permit denied

Paid sponsorship panels can stay in place, but electronic messages must only advertise school events, the Department of Transportation said this week of Washburn’s digital communication sign.
A letter from the Department of Transportation sent to Indigo Signworks this month states that the company’s permit application, submitted in October on behalf of the Washburn sign, was denied because of zoning.
“Because the selected location is specifically zoned for residential use, it will not meet minimum eligibility requirements for a commercial outdoor advertising permit,” the letter says.
According to Peggy Anderson, Communications Director for the DOT, the sign is being classified as an on premise-sign, which permits it to only promote school-related activities and functions on school property.
“In the area it's in, they can’t do directional signing and other advertising of events, but DOT has classified it now as on-premise sign so they can use electronic message board for on-site activities,” Anderson said. “They can use the sign in its present form to promote school activities because it’s on school property.”
Anderson said the sign, located on the corner of Seventh Street and Border Lane, would be able to keep its sponsorship panels, something the DOT had previously stated were non-compliant.

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