August 25, 2011

Washburn starts school year with increased enrollment

By Erica Kingston, BHG News Service

Bags have already been packed several times and the first-day-of-school outfits have been worn and are now in the wash with Washburn school starting last Thursday. With a new school year comes new adjustments to staff and students alike. Washburn Public School has an increase in enrollment as well as some changes in faculty members. In the elementary, kindergarten through sixth grade, 143 students are enrolled. As for the upper grades of 7-12, that number is a little lower at 121, making the total school enrollment number reach 264 students – 10 more than the last year’s count in May. “As far as for the reasons for the new kids, we have some families that have moved in but not sure of the reasons why,” Super. Brad Rinas said.

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