February 20, 2013

Washburn’s trees could use more diversity

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Have you ever looked around at the variety of trees in Washburn. The town is well-colored each fall from the 30 some different species of tree along the boulevards. While most of those trees are in good condition, community forestry specialist Joel Nichols of the North Dakota Forest Service said that it would be wise to begin adding to the variety of the  existing forest. Nichols recently completed a forestry survey in town and cataloged each tree in town along the boulevards and parks. He presented the survey at the last regular city commission meeting on Feb. 11. Nichols noted that trees play an important role in the community. Including increasing property value, offering shade,  reducing traffic noise, improve air quality, creating habitat for animals, establishing erosion control and enhancing recreation activity. The survey performed in Washburn was from a vehicle. Surveyors noted the type of trees, condition and size.

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